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Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials

Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Giovanni Offeddu

Dr Giovanni Offeddu

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 334560


Giovanni obtained his MEng in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Manchester and his PhD in Biomaterials Engineering from the University of Cambridge. His doctoral research, part of the Nanoscience Doctoral Training Centre (NanoDTC) programme, investigated structure-property relationships in natural materials and synthetic biomaterials from the nanoscale up to the macroscale. Giovanni has recently joined the Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials (CCMM), where he works on collagen-based composite biomaterials as cellular scaffolds for the repair of cartilage.

Research Interests

Giovanni’s research focuses on understanding the effects of choice of polymer and its arrangement in different nano- and microscale morphologies on the physical behaviour of bulk porous materials. This behaviour is characterised in terms of the mechanical properties of the scaffold materials, particularly as a result of hydration and electrolyte content so to simulate the environmental conditions found in vivo. The transport properties of the scaffolds, as determined by the permeability to fluid flow and diffusion characteristics, are investigated as a function of structure and interaction between the interstitial fluid and the polymer making up the materials. The knowledge accrued through these studies may be used to fabricate designer tissue engineering scaffolds with tailored physical properties.


  • Mechanical properties
  • Soft matter
  • Tissue engineering
  • Transport properties
  • Cartilage

Key Publications

  • G.S. OFFEDDU and J.C. ASHWORTH, R.E. CAMERON, M.L. OYEN, “Structural Determinants of Hydration, Mechanics, and Fluid Flow in Freeze-Dried Collagen Scaffold”, Acta Biomater. 41, 193-203 (2016)
  • G.S. OFFEDDU, J.C. ASHWORTH, R.E. CAMERON, M.L. OYEN, “Multi-Scale Mechanical Response of Freeze-Dried Collagen Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications”, J. Mech. Behav. Biomed. Mater. 42, 19-25 (2015)
  • A.L. BUTCHER and G.S. OFFEDDU, M.L. OYEN, “Nanofibrous Hydrogel Composites as Mechanically Robust Tissue Engineering Scaffolds”, Trends Biotech. 32, 564-570 (2014)