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Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials

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Mr Matthew Linley

Mr Matthew Linley

PhD Student

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 334560


Matthew Linley completed his undergraduate degree in Bioengineering and graduated from The University of Sheffield with an MEng in 2016. During his studies at Sheffield he specialized in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering.  His Master’s project, titled “Visualising Tissue Engineered Muscle: a CLAIRTY approach”, involved marrying a revolutionary 3D imaging tool to the field of Tissue Engineering. This aimed to provide large volumetric images of tissue-engineered muscle to observe cell alignment and hierarchical structure of the neo-tissue. Following his Master’s Matt moved to the CCMM group in Cambridge to undertake a PhD in electrophoretic deposition of tough biopolymer films for suture tear resistance, in collaboration with Geistlich Pharma AG.

Research Interests

Matt’s current research involves adapting the electrophoretic deposition technique in order to form tough biopolymer films, namely collagen.  Electrophoretic deposition is a widely used technique to rapidly produce coatings for a range of materials including metals, ceramics, and polymers. The technique is advantageous because of its high speed, high purity of deposited material, and for producing layers of completely uniform thickness. More recently, research has attempted to use EPD for the fabrication of biomaterial films and coatings that can be used for a range of medical purposes.


Matt’s research looks to create strong multilayer-films from collagen and hyaluronic acid, which can also incorporate command-set crosslinking of the films. As well as refining the processing technique and developing the mechanical properties of the films, he is also researching the degradation characteristics and he will look at the biocompatibility of the films using cell studies.  Future work could look at using these films as a drug delivery system.


  • Biopolymer films
  • Tough multilayer films
  • Collagen
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Electrophoretic deposition of polymers