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Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials

Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

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Recent Publications

R.N. Oosterbeek, K.I. Margaronis, X.C. Zhang, S.M. Best, R.E. Cameron "Non-linear dissolution mechanisms of sodium calcium phosphate glasses as a function of pH in various aqueous media", Journal of the European Ceramic Society 41(1), 901-911 (2021)

J.J. Kim, D.V. Bax, R. Murphy, S.M. Best, R.E. Cameron, "Collagen Film Activation with Nanoscale IKVAV-Capped Dendrimers for Selective Neural Cell Response", Nanomaterials 11(5):1157 (2021)

M. Colzani, J-D. Malcor, E.J. Hunter, S. Bayraktar, M. Polkinghorn, T. Krieg, R.E. Cameron, S.M. Best, R.W. Farndale, S. Sinha "Modulating hESC-derived cardiomyocyte and endothelial cell function with triple-helical peptides for heart tissue engineering", Biomaterials 269:120612 (2021)