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Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials

Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

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Recent Publications

X. Song, M.A. Philpott, S.M. Best and R.E. Cameron “Controlling the architecture of freeze-dried collagen scaffolds with ultrasound-induced nucleation“ Polymers (2024) 16(2), 213;

E. Ellermann, N. Meyer, R.E. Cameron and S.M. BestIn vitro angiogenesis in response to biomaterial properties for bone tissue engineering: a review of the state of the art” Regenerative Biomaterials (2023) 10:RBAD027

N. Meyer, D.V. Bax, J. Beck, R.E. Cameron and S.M. Best “Adjusting the physico-chemical properties of collagen scaffolds to accommodate primary osteoblasts and endothelial cells” Regenerative Biomaterials, Volume 10, (2023) rbad015

H.L. Zhang, S. Sinha, R.E. Cameron and S.M. Best “Mimicking transmural cardiomyofibre orientation using Bouligand-like pore structure in ice-templated collagen scaffolds” Polymers (2023) 15, 4420

J.A. Cyr, M. Colzani, S. Bayraktar, M. Kőhne, D.V. Bax, V. Graup, R.W. Farndale, S. Sinha, S.M. Best and R.E. Cameron “Extracellular macrostructure anisotropy improves cardiac tissue-like construct function and phenotypic cellular maturation” Biomaterial Advances (2023) 155:213680