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Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials

Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

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Recent Publications

H.M. Saville, D. Howard, C Ghevaert, S.M. Best, R.E. Cameron, J.M. Oliver, S.L. Waters       “A Mathematical Model of a Valve-Controlled Bioreactor for Platelet Production”  Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering 8:858931, (2022)

Z. Azhari, P. Smith, S. McMahon, W.X. Wang, R.E. Cameron “Modulating Drug Release from Short Poly(ethylene glycol) Block Initiated Poly(L-lactide) Di-block Copolymers”  Pharmaceutical Research (2022)

A. Cyr, A. Husmann, S.M. Best, R.E. Cameron “Complex architectural control of ice-templated collagen scaffolds using a predictive model” Acta Biomaterialia (2022)

D.M. Roper, K.A. Kwon, L.P. Malone, S.M. Best, R.E. CameronInduced Birefringence in 3D Printing: Concealing Information Optically within Printed ObjectsAdvanced Materials Technologies 7 (8), 2200139 (2022)

R.N. Oosterbeek, X.C. Zhang, S.M. Best, R.E. Cameron, “The evolution of the structure and mechanical properties of fully bioresorbable polymer-glass composites during degradation” Composites Science and Technology 218, 109194 (2022)