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Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials

Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

The Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials is pleased to launch CCMMdb, a limited version of it’s online collagen scaffold design toolkit for public access at The public version of CCMMdb includes a link to CCMMwiki, with information on the background, production and characterisation of collagen scaffolds. CCMMdb also contains an interactive graphing tool and predictor which is currently based on a small, well-defined collagen scaffold dataset as a proof-of-concept. This database will rapidly expand to include published data from within the group and from established literature. Users wishing to add their data to the database and predictor tool are welcome to contact CCMM. This project is one of the outcomes of the £1.7 million EPSRC "Established Career Fellowship" awarded to Profs Ruth Cameron and Serena Best in 2016, which aimed to create a ‘design toolkit’ to develop and improve the effectiveness of biomedical scaffolds used to repair and regenerate tissue.


More information about the premise and methodology adopted can be obtained from the upcoming publication: Feature importance in multi-dimensional tissue-engineering datasets: Random forest assisted optimisation of experimental variables for collagen scaffolds which has been accepted for publication in Applied Physics Reviews.